Turkish Lease Agreement

Similarly, the OCT prohibits the insertion of punitive clauses and/or accelerations that can be triggered if the tenant does not meet his payment obligations on time. As a result, the penalty and acceleration clauses in existing leases for commercial premises will be invalidated on July 1, 2020. Leases are not required to comply with a particular form or to meet certain requirements and can only be a verbal agreement between the landlord and the tenant. However, a written rental agreement is recommended to document at least the duration of the lease, the rental and the down payment amounts. The provision of the act applies only to rents in the workplace. The aforementioned provision specifies that section 2 is applicable in all collective agreements in the workplace. In the rest of the article will be carried out an evaluation of the termination of the contract and the reason for the evacuation. Parties to the lease agreement may set any length of time. When a landlord markets a tenant because of where he or she lives or a new landlord forces a tenant to move, the property cannot be leased to a tenant other than the former tenant for at least three years (except for reasons outside the owner`s property). If the property is leased to another person, the owner is liable to six months to a year in prison, plus a fine of 3 years` rent.

However, if a lease is not on the title register; a new landlord may ask the tenant to empty the property at the end of the next full year of the lease. While tenant factors such as supply chain disruptions and staff reductions, may be expected to not justify a request for rent reductions, these circumstances can be considered the results of the COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, these circumstances or similar circumstances may be construed as allowing tenants to request a review of their leases. TCO`s deferred provisions for business leases are expected to come into effect on July 1, 2020. Adapting to the new era will create confusion and dispute between commercial tenants and landlords. There is no doubt that cases of judicial precision will be essential in providing information on how the provisions of the law in question can be implemented in the years to come. There are points in the lease that require attention when signing the lease… After the assignment of the lease, the assignee replaces the tenant, but the assignee is responsible, together with the assignee, for the debts on the lessor for a maximum of 2 years.

Article 2 provisional of Act 7226 and Presidential Decree 2279 had the effect of determining whether rental prices should be paid or not. Under provisional section 2 of Act 7226, there is no explanation to prevent the payment of rental fees in the workplace. On the contrary, precautions and questions to be taken in case of non-payment are defined. The tenant remains the debtor and lessor as a leaseholder and has the right to claim late rental fees with interest. March 22, 2020; The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey adopted 2279 No.

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