University Of Toledo Collective Bargaining Agreement

Virtual visit registration link: applicants assert that the defendant failed to comply with the termination obligation under Section because Dr. Evans received a letter from President Decatur on June 16, 2000, terminating her appointment on May 11, 2001. The arbitrator agreed with the respondent that clause did not apply to faculty members applying for employment, but to the non-reappointment of faculty members as part of the annual examination process. The applicants argue that the arbitrator overstepped his authority by adding an exception to section that is not included in the collective agreement. 3 Dr. Evans was appointed Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Defendant University on March 10, 1994 and began its activities in September 1994. Dr. Evans has been engaged in a tenure-track position and the granting of a mandate and promotion depends on Dr. Evans` adherence to certain standards of education, service and professional activity, in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the collective agreement. No. 29 In particular, the applicants assert that Dr. Haaf and Dr. Stern required Dr.

Evans to show “scholarly productivity” and not “professional activity” as required by the agreement, and that she had to produce a number of publications during her pre-mandate activity. Justin See, Regional Enrollment Manager- Greater Columbusjustin.see@utoledo.eduPhone: 614-951-9966Text: 614-441-8387 Section 19.3.1 requires that the first complaint be filed with the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Faculty Relations. The Assistant Vice-President in charge of Academic Affairs and Faculty Relations immediately forwards it to the appropriate supervisory authority for consultation, after reviewing the complaint, within ten days of receipt. Section 19.3.2 provides that the head of the department or any other appropriate supervisory authority will meet with the afflicted and the AAUP representative within ten days to try to find a solution.

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