Sharjah Rent Agreement Attestation

The rental certificate in Dubai requires the same process as the certificate in Sharjah or any other emirate. Similarly, the same requirements are necessary to complete the legalization process. Here are some of Sharjah`s rental laws that tenants should be aware of. It is strongly recommended that you read your lease very carefully before signing, in order to avoid rental disputes in the future. This is the end of MyBayut`s guide on Sharjah`s important rental laws and rules. Use this article to be informed of the rental rules of the municipality of Sharjah when signing your lease. You can also contact HHS attorneys at or 04-255-5496 for more information. Looking for a new home in Sharjah? Browse Bayut`s offerings to find the perfect apartments for rent or spacious villas for rent in Sharjah. Sharjah Municipality has announced that all of the commune`s lease certificates will be signed electronically from today. No paper is used in all types of leasing services, a senior municipal official said. A customer can create a user account on the site, log in, click on the “Electronic and Smart Services” option and select “Rent Management Services”, then follow the certification steps. According to HHS Lawyers, a leading law firm in the UAE, there are certain lease laws in Sharjah regarding early termination of the lease. According to the law, tenants cannot terminate the lease before the expiry of the expiry date, except for the occurrence of an event of force majeure (beyond your control).

Otherwise, tenants are legally required to conclude the lease before the end of its term. Al Taurifi said the municipality had updated the contract ratification system to deduct 2 percent of the contract value as a certification fee. It has also made available to customers many channels for ratifying leases, including the various service centres in the municipality and the online service previously provided by the municipality to certify residential and commercial leases. You need a rental certificate in the UAE if you have a house and want to rent part of your property by a family member, friend or tenant. You also need a rental certificate if you are a house manager, if you have an intermediation service for tenants in the UAE or if you are a tenant who currently wants to rent a property. Sharjah`s 2007 rental laws stipulate that landlords can only increase the rent after three years from the start of the lease. It is important to note that there is no cap for rent increases, when it should be compatible with similar real estate in the area. After the first increase, landlords can only increase the rent every two years. This is one of Sharjah`s rental rules that protect tenants from annual rent increases, but many residents of the emirate are unaware of the law.

At HHS Lawyers, we create, verify and present the requirements for the rental certificate in the UAE, including: A rental agreement is an agreement between a tenant and a landlord…

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