Subtitle Agreement

The usual titles of the article are (see also section 3.5 – the main part of the agreement): article title (titles). The articles themselves are just section headings and if you use chapters in an agreement, the chapter titles are also simple headings (immediately followed by an article). Select an article title that covers all the topics in the section. Don`t use a title that promises more than what the sections actually provide or is otherwise misleading. Also, the general principle is: keep it short (no more than a few words). Presentation of legends. Legends allow a law firm to distinguish its style from that of other firms. The preliminary question is, of course, whether or not agreements should contain legends. The presentation can take several forms thereafter: as an online clause title in bold or underlined type (the most used styles, as shown in the example above) or as a numbered and bold title of an undanced contractual clause: as the division of an agreement into articles (with necessarily an article title), the indication of the content of contractual clauses can lead the reader through the content.

It is obvious that the use of subtitles allows the label to no longer cover the content of the clause. For short parts of the contract, this risk is quite limited, while captions always help the reader. No label for subsections. Do not use subtitles for subsections, unless this outweighs the disadvantage of lost readability. Post-completion adjustments and permanent responsibilities CHAPTER II – OFFICE OF BUDGET MANAGEMENT AND ADVICE Special reflections for states, local governments and Indian tribes It is a good idea to take all the different arrangements under a heading called Miscellaneous (except, as you prefer, for confidentiality, current legislation and dispute resolution). Finally, it is recommended that you use the article titles consistently for all contracts (templates) that the company or company designs (but does not change the article titles chosen by the other party). Labels. Many contract draftsmen, including me, prefer to use subtitles. Captions are one, two or three words at the beginning of a contractual clause; they indicate the purpose of the contractual clause. Par exemple, le mot fournisseur privilégié est un tel libellé: Sous-titre A – OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET GUIDANCE FOR GRANTS AND AGREEMENTS 2.3 Preferred supplier. . .


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