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Please note that the 2015 SEMINI has been CANCELLED
List of 2015 SEMINI registrants:
K2JG/KZ2P – Jim, SC
W5UGD – John, SC
W5RIT – Pamela, SC
W5MGZ – Megan, SC
W4BRT – Brett, SC
K1DFO – Walt, CA
KE3VV – Dave & Laurene, DC
WA9DLB – Tony, IL
List of 2014 SEMINI registrants:
If you are not on this list and should be, use our contact form and let us know ASAP seven zip kostenlos downloaden!
Name Callsign/ Spouse State Badge / Spouse
Flynn, Don and Jean Hoff K3IMC / KJ4NIT GA USA-CA #820 R-2239 / KJ4NIT
Ford, Percy (Jackie) KA1JPR/KA1QBC Fl USA-CA #745 R-2320 / R-2891
Fuss, Robert (Janie-friend) W4OWY/friendW4OWY GA USA-CA #211  MARAC R-687
Glasscock, Silver (Bonnie) NOT N9QS IL USA-CA #439 R-1336 / Wife of N9QS
Grandinetti, Jim KZ2P SC USA-CA #482 R-1634
Hoyt, John (Pamela) W5UGD/W5RIT SC USA-CA #1103 R-3001 / R-4322
Hyatt, Dave KU4YM SC R-3009
LaFavour, Don (Doris) W8OWR/WB8KDY FL USA-CA #1209 R-1712
Mazzocco, Tony (wife) WA9DLB IL USA-CA #983 R-2707
Michel, Mark (Joan) W9OP/W9PIP WI USA-CA #748 R-466 Bozo #5/ R-886 Bozette #9
Napier, Jeffrey AF3X TN USA-CA #1109 R-3159
Oppen, Robert NE2C NJ R-4452
Ordway, Walt K1DFO CA USA-CA #851 R-2106
Phillips, Frosty (Cheri) W0FP/ xyl of MO USA-CA #1135 R-3060
Scott, Richard (Scottie/Melda) NOT N4AAT SC USA-CA # 410 USA-CW #104 Ran All USA #6/ XYL of N4AAT
Smith, Cliff (Nelda) K6JN / W6XJN FL USA-CA #1041 R-2782 /USA-CA #1100 R-3125
Splitt, Dave (Laurene McKillop) KE3VV / Friend of KE3VV DC USA-CA #950 R-2802
Theisen, Chuck (Fran) K9IA FL
Thomas, Jim N4JT NC USA-CA #468 R-992
Woody, Bob (Jaci) N8KIE/N8RLJ MI USA-CA #1093 / USA-CA #1189
Yohe, Frank (Kay) AA9JJ/N9QPQ AZ USA-CA #935 R-2653 /USA-CA #1005 R-2757
Last update: 2015-03-05



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12 thoughts on “Attendees

  1. Hey John, my lady friends name is spelled Janie, please fix. Just remember she is not plain Jane. :-).

    Bob W4OWY

    • Hey Don, just the usual suspects…

      K2ZP / K2JG
      W5UGD / W5RIT
      N9QS & Bonnie
      W8OW$ / WB8KDY
      AA9JJ / N9QPQ
      WA4RNN & Wilma
      K6JN & W6XJN

      John / W5UGD

    • Fixed! I finally got around to it! Your’s came in the mail, and I only get email and PayPal… Pamela / W5RIT handles all that analog stuff!

      John / W5UGD

    • I’ll get a headcount on the first day and see if we can arrange on the 2nd. In talking to people, not too many were interested =(

      Pamela and I may be going to a corn maze… (that sounds redundant)
      Wanna tag along?

      John / W5UGD

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