New look for the SEMINI site!

It has been a long time coming, but we finally changed the look of the original SEMINI site to something more appealing.

More importantly, it gives lots of flexibility regarding the future, and the ability to allow more than one person to maintain the content!

If you have any suggestions, or issues, please let me know…

DE W5UGD / John M. Hoyt

2 thoughts on “New look for the SEMINI site!

  1. John.. I like the new site very much – may I ask that the MI Mini follow suit? Thanks in advance.. 73 Ed K8ZZ

    • Ed, glad you like it! Can you send me a logo you would like to use for the Michigan Mini and I will gladly start work on creating the new site.
      The beauty of it is that once it is completed, YOU (or people you assign) can update it whenever you want!!!! Instantly, from wherever you happen to be at the time, just using your phone, tablet, or computer!


      John / W5UGD

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