Gifts for the prize table – some suggestions

For all the years that I have been going to the southern mini county hunter conventions, there has always been a prize table. Originally at the 3M, or MMM, or whatever you want to call it, and then at the SEMINI. I was told this is tradition, so we have stuck with it.

It’s kind of cool to see what people bring, and always a challenge to find just the right thing to put on that table. We always try to give something that is unique to the region, so those who visit will find a little something different than what they get at home, though, in a pinch we have gone for a more “commercial” product.

Items that have been on the table include:

  • Handmade quilts and afghans – completely incredible artistic creations.
  • Art – some purchased, some made.
  • Beer & wine – There’s quite a number of people who exchange micro-brews and wines.
  • Food items, chocolates, candies, etc.
  • Map books, log books.
  • Coax, dacron / nylon rope, antenna resonators, etc.
  • World clocks and other ham radio related gadgets.
  • Tools (you travel in a car, everyone needs a tool now and again).

Oh it doesn’t stop there by any means… There have even been a few funny gifts.

I received an email today though that made me think – KB0BA / N0XYL stated that number of county hunters are in fact diabetic and alternatives to foods and alcohol may be a great idea!

If you remember some great gifts of the past, please reply here!


John M. Hoyt / W5UGD

2 thoughts on “Gifts for the prize table – some suggestions

  1. I do hope that future “Gift Table” donations will be used as a Gift Exchange for those attendees and not just added as door prizes. We will be there!

    • Terry, the way it has traditionally worked is… Everyone brings some thing with them (each person who attends) and places it on the table.
      Normally, not wrapped up or anything, just placed on a table. Then table numbers are called, and the people sitting at that table get to go pick over the gifts, so it is first come, first serve.

      I’ve never seen anything done like that outside the mini conventions, but I have to admit, it is fun and interesting!

      Sometimes, people get something, then trade it for something they really want =)

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